Blonde woman applying false lashes in a handheld mirror

True or False? False Lashes Are Worth It

Blonde woman applying false lashes in a hand held mirror

True! Eyes are the windows to the soul so it seems only natural that you would want to frame and accentuate them. Whether you were born with short, thin lashes, or simply want to give what you’ve got a boost, false lashes can do wonders, especially when working with your natural lash and can make your eyes pop!

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. False lashes are made from lots of different materials. Some of the most common types of materials that false lashes are made from are plastics and silk. These are called synthetic lashes. Lashes made from sterilized human hair are also available, as well as lashes made with fox or mink fur.
  1. False lashes come in different shapes, sizes, and looks. Choosing which lashes are best for you may be more complicated thank you think, but it’s worth finding the right ones. Natural lashes are more delicate in appearance and are perfect for an everyday look. Full lashes are thicker and bolder and are great for distance photos or a night out. Another great night out look can be achieved with lashes that incorporate both long and short lengths for a bold pattern.
  1. False lashes can be worn more than once. If you don’t use mascara on your falsies, you can use them over and over! This makes them a great investment as they can be worn multiple times for days (and even weeks if properly cared for) at a time.

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